Welcome Home to Grandma’s Cupboard.

Where We Come From

Grandma’s Cupboard’s bulk foods were originally part of Flour Mill Bakery – “Like Grandma Used to Bake”. When Sandra sold the bakery in 2016, she kept this portion of the business, carrying on the traditions of what it was like to have Grandma in the kitchen.

What We Do

Having existing relationships with high-quality vendors, Grandma’s Cupboard carries only the freshest, best quality and best priced bulk food, meat, cheeses, and dairy products.

Other Goodies

Grandma always had those little extra ‘gadgets’ and tools around her kitchen. Those indispensable helpers to make the job easier, and the food better. We carry a supply of those items so that you can carry on the tradition.

Grandma's Kitchen Drawer

Every Grandma worth her weight in apple fritters had a stash of ‘things’ hidden away in some drawer in the kitchen. Whether it was a thank-you card, or a birthday card, or a lanyard, or boxes, or one of her famous hand-sewn doilies – she had them stashed somewhere in her kitchen.

You may not have those skills, but we have the items on our shelves. Come and make sure your ‘thing drawer’ is full of ‘things’ you will need at a moment’s notice.

Grandma's Candy Dish

Just like Grandma’s Candie Dish was a treat then – it’s a treat now.

Collect enough reward points, and you can redeem them for some goodies.