I have always felt fortunate that I was able to get to know all of my grandparents as I was growing up.  My dad farmed with his dad so we got to see a lot more of the grandparents on his side.  But they both had an important part of my childhood and ‘growing up’ years.  There are a lot of ‘favorite’ things to remember about going to the grandparents.  My Grandpa Hufford had an orchard and drove the school bus.  I remember jumping in the leaves from the apple trees, grandma making dried apples, and the marble roller that grandpa made,  to name just a few.  When visiting the grandparents on my mom’s side there were lots of games of Andy Over, dropping things through the register onto the adults in the living room, grandpa making us ‘fish’ for our presents through the transom over the door, and reading the Bible at the breakfast table when we stayed overnight.

There was one common thing that happened at both grandparents’ houses… there was always a candy dish… and  I don’t remember a time when there wasn’t something in it.  At Grandpa Blochers’, when Grandma Dorothy was alive, it was always ‘pink candies.’  Us grand-kids fondly called them ‘Pepto-Bismol candy’ ?  When Grandma Ruth came along it changed to gummy orange slices and peanuts.  At Grandpa Hufford’s it was hard candy and sometimes peanuts.  Today my mom keeps the tradition alive.  It’s not unusual to find someone’s hands in the Candy Dish when we are all together!

At Grandma’s Cupboard we are also keeping the tradition going.  At the cash register you’ll find a candy dish with some surprises in it.  I can’t say whether it’ll be Pepto-Bismal candies or orange slices, but it will always be something yummy.

We’ve also named our customer loyalty program after this tradition – The Candy Dish.  We haven’t figured out all the particulars yet, but you’re welcome to go ahead and sign up.  You’ll be in for a ‘sweet’ surprise!