(Disclaimer: if you’re looking for nuggets of food related wisdom…stop reading! Sometimes ‘Grandmas’ have other nuggets of wisdom that have nothing to do with food. Just food for thought)

I was perusing Facebook this morning and ran across a post by a woman who started a group for business owners because, as she put it, “eventually your families’ eyes start to glaze over whenever you start talking about your business” …and who knows the challenges a business owner faces except someone else in his or her shoes. Since that sounded pretty interesting to me, I made an application to join the group.

As I was getting ready for work, the thought crossed my mind. What if…? What if… that ONE contact let me to a marketing idea that caused my business to explode. What if…I met someone in that group that led to a great career/job/contact/(enter your word here)? What if…by listening to others ideas and challenges I learned to overcome some of my own?
In other words, what if…you DON’T take that moment…that opportunity to reach out beyond your little box and make another connection? It doesn’t have to be a Facebook group. It could be someone at church you find fascinating, someone in school that you find interesting, a business contact that you’ve been meaning to call, or an invite you can’t quite decide whether you want to accept.

Several years ago, a friend invited me to a business meeting. I have never been a real outgoing person in that type of setting – away from the things and people I know and was comfortable with. I went. I ended up joining the group and met some fascinating people that I would call friends today. It not only allowed me to open up, learn to be slightly (only slightly!) less intimidated by public speaking and meeting complete strangers, but it led to a LOT of opportunities that I never knew existed or were available to lil’ ol small town me.

That was a few short years ago. Today I no longer work 15-hour days, started a new business, and am taking classes toward a completely different career path. What if…. I hadn’t taken that opportunity.

What if…. YOU don’t take the next opportunity available to you? It may not always work out, but what if… you don’t try?