Grandma’s Candy Dish

Just like at Grandma’s House – the candy dish was the best treat in the world. And just like at Grandma’s house, the candy dish held more than candies – sometimes it held tremendous valuables.

We hope these ‘gems’ uplift and encourage and help you have a better day in the kitchen.

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What if…?

(Disclaimer: if you’re looking for nuggets of food related wisdom…stop reading! Sometimes ‘Grandmas’ have other nuggets of wisdom that have nothing to do with food. Just food for thought) I was perusing Facebook this morning and ran across a post by a woman who...

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Are you getting our emails?

Have you signed up in the store or on the website to be a Candy Dish Member? Are you getting our emails? If not, please first check your spam box. We sent out an email on Tuesday, July 25th with a GREAT discount opportunity. (Due to technical difficulties...or my...

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Red Hots

As I was walking through Meijer the other day, a stranger stopped me and asked if she could ask me a question.  I assured her she could, but I didn’t know if I could help.  Her question was whether I knew where to buy Red Hots…Boy, did I have an answer for her!  “Do...

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